Having presided over many thousands of cases since ascending to the bench in 1988, Judge McCord is known for treating everyone who appears in his courtroom with the same firm yet fair approach. Today, he presides over jury trials, both criminal and civil, handling approximately 80 to 100 cases on most calendar days. Judge McCord's excellence in performance has been repeatedly recognized by the Nassau County and New York State judicial systems.

Today, under Richard McCord's guidance, the Glen Court has become widely known as one of the finest courts in Nassau County.  Judge McCord's accomplishments have included updating record keeping procedures through implementation of a new computer system, and the complete re-organization and modernization of the scofflaw system for the enforcement of parking violations and New York State vehicle and traffic infractions. He conducts lecture series on developments and changes in the law for residents. Additionally, he created a partnership with the Glen Cove Beautification Commission, The Glen Cove Animal Lovers League and other local organizations so that defendants sentenced to community service would render it for the benefit of the citizens of Glen Cove.

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