Dear Friends,

Since the Independence Primary on September 13th, I have tried to reach out personally to as many of you as I could to thank you for your support. I just wanted to make sure I let all of you know how much I appreciate your overwhelming vote of confidence in the primary.

I am truly honored by the Independence Party's endorsement of my candidacy in the upcoming November election. This endorsement has now been reinforced by the positive vote of nearly 80% of Independence Party members who voted in the recent primary.

I am immensely proud to have served the City of Glen Cove as your judge for the past 25 years, creating a foundation of fair, firm justice that has earned the trust and respect of the Glen Cove community. I enthusiastically look forward to building upon this foundation over the next six years.

As we move ahead to the November election, knowing that I can count on your support means everything to me.

Thank you again!


The Hon. Richard J. McCord
Glen Cove City Court Judge